Beaux Arbres Native Plants will not be open Saturday, June 17th. We will be open the following week and back at the Old Chelsea Farmers Market on Thursday, June 29th. If you are interested in visiting Beaux Arbres — and we welcome visitors — please phone in advance to confirm: 819 647-2404.

Relentless rain a week before the Ottawa sale

Wood Poppy

The Rare and Unusual Plant Sale on Sunday, May 14th, at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa is less than a week away and I am past hoping for a spell of warm, sunny weather to bring on some flowers. At this point, I am reduced to hoping fervently that our local ferry service will… Continue reading Relentless rain a week before the Ottawa sale

Making a wildflower meadow

Maximilian's Sunflower

A talk by Trish Murphy of Beaux Arbres Native Plants at Nepean Horticultural Society City View United Church Thursday, March 16, 2017, 7:30 pm All are welcome. There is great interest in creating pollinator-friendly gardens. Creating a wildflower meadow – a sunny plant community of native grasses and wildflowers — is one of the easiest and… Continue reading Making a wildflower meadow