New Plant Availability List

Wild Senna, Senna hebecarpa, Cassia hebecarpa

Several species are depleted from the Mothers’ Day Sale but some warm weather species are now up and on the list, notably Wild Senna (featured image), Wild Bergamot, and Culver’s Root. The Milkweeds are still very small but up enough to know which ones are alive, so they too are on the list. The Friends… Continue reading New Plant Availability List

Special Offer: Mixed Flats – Your Choice

Beaux Arbres has a special summer price on mixed flats of 32 2 1/2″ pots — your choice (from the list below) of flowers and grasses — at $160 per flat. That’s $5 per pot. (Regular price: $6 or more.) If you are looking for native plants for a meadow, community pollinator garden, or other… Continue reading Special Offer: Mixed Flats – Your Choice

Bringing Plants to Ottawa, Wednesday, July 13th

Southern Blue Monkshood

Beaux Arbres will be bringing plant orders to Ottawa on the evening of Wednesday, July 13th to distribute them from our Britannia area condo’s Visitor Parking Lot. I know some folks were not able to make the Saturday morning Farmers’ Market and others did not want to pick up a large order with Westboro’s potentially… Continue reading Bringing Plants to Ottawa, Wednesday, July 13th

Some Ottawa Valley Wildflowers

Small Skullcap in an Ottawa valley alvar

We had something to pick up in Wilno and a delivery to make to Killaloe, so we made a little holiday of it, a break from the nursery, having a nice picnic at Golden Lake, and lovely walk in a bit of publicly accessible alvar at the Fourth Chute. Here are some photos of some… Continue reading Some Ottawa Valley Wildflowers

May I Introduce: Fringed Sage

Fringed Sage

Soft, silvery, foliage is a desirable decorative feature in gardens. To augment the bright silver of native Pearly Everlasting and subtle silvery-grey of Parlin’s (Plantain-leaved) Pussytoes, I now offer the silky silver of Fringed Sage. It is much more hardy than the popular but notoriously finicky and short-lived Silver Mound, the standard garden centre offering.… Continue reading May I Introduce: Fringed Sage

Back for 2021: Ozark Sundrops

Ozark Sundrops

Although Ozark Sundrops has absolutely no claim to be native to the Ottawa Valley, this startlingly large flowered species from central US is such a garden-worthy beauty, from time to time we include it in our offerings at Beaux Arbres. The flowers can be 8 cm across on a plant only about 20 cm tall… Continue reading Back for 2021: Ozark Sundrops

We’re back at the Market

Prairie Smoke

Beaux Arbres will be back at the Westboro Market for this Saturday, September 12th and the following Saturday, September 19th. The market is around the corner in McKellar Park this summer and Covid19 protocols are in place. You will be able to buy plants from the selection we bring to the market but we encourage… Continue reading We’re back at the Market

Plant Availability, August 10

Wild Senna, Senna hebecarpa, Cassia hebecarpa

Beaux Arbres will be bringing a delivery of prepaid orders to Ottawa on Wednesday, August 19th, to our west-end parking lot in Britannia. If you would like to order native plants, please download our current Plant Availability list, in either PDF or Excel format, contact us with your choices, and we will get back to… Continue reading Plant Availability, August 10

Plant Availability, May 24

Bowman's root

New plant availabilty List to download in PDF or Xcel formats: Not yet in bloom but looking very good: Bowman’s Root (Gillenia trifoliata) and its close relative American Ipecac (G. stipulata). both have starry white flowers and pretty fall foliage colour. American Ipecac ‘s range is further south and west so I expect it to… Continue reading Plant Availability, May 24