Winding Down

hypertufa troughs

Our Hypertufa Trough Planting workshop was the last planned event of the season. Some wonderful troughs gardens were created. We are still at the farm until mid-November but we are winding down sales. The soil is getting to be too cool to install warm-season plants, and many herbaceous plants are entering dormancy. I want to… Continue reading Winding Down

May I Introduce: Dwarf Canadian Primrose

Dwarf Canadian Primrose in hypertufa trough.

My first encounter with this charming little native primrose was on the wave swept shore of Lake Huron, on the Bruce Peninsula, where limestone pavements shelve incrementally down to the water’s edge. Nestled in tiny, moist cracks in the limestone, never far from the spray, were some small pink flowers with yellow centres, Primula mistassinica.… Continue reading May I Introduce: Dwarf Canadian Primrose