New Plant Availability List

Wild Senna, Senna hebecarpa, Cassia hebecarpa

Several species are depleted from the Mothers’ Day Sale but some warm weather species are now up and on the list, notably Wild Senna (featured image), Wild Bergamot, and Culver’s Root. The Milkweeds are still very small but up enough to know which ones are alive, so they too are on the list. The Friends… Continue reading New Plant Availability List

End of Season

Thanks to all the great customers who have supported us through some challenging time. I am always especially grateful to repeat customers – folks who took a chance on a prepaid order and then ordered again. This summer I worked myself to a state of heat exhaustion three times and I am going to have… Continue reading End of Season

Some Ottawa Valley Wildflowers

Small Skullcap in an Ottawa valley alvar

We had something to pick up in Wilno and a delivery to make to Killaloe, so we made a little holiday of it, a break from the nursery, having a nice picnic at Golden Lake, and lovely walk in a bit of publicly accessible alvar at the Fourth Chute. Here are some photos of some… Continue reading Some Ottawa Valley Wildflowers

Plants into Ottawa, Saturday, September 11th


Beaux Arbres will be bringing plants into Ottawa on Saturday, September 11th. We will be distributing prepaid orders of native plants from a Britannia area parking lot on that Saturday, from 9:30 am until noon. This will probably be our last delivery of plants for the season. The nursery will still be open until the… Continue reading Plants into Ottawa, Saturday, September 11th

Psst, wanna buy a clematis?

Purple Clematis

We could meet in a parking lot, wearing masks. Not necessarily at dusk, and I don’t know if I could hide the clematis under my overcoat, but the new retail normal is … odd. I have one pot of the native Purple Clematis (Clematis occidentalis) still available of the plants from my original seed collecting.… Continue reading Psst, wanna buy a clematis?

Not the FoF Mothers’ Day Sale

Rocky Mountain Columbines in pots in the hoop house

These are some of the plant I would have been bringing to the Friends of the Farm Mothers Day Sale on Sunday. They are the best looking bunch of plants I have had in the six years since Beaux Arbres first attended the sale. However, I can bring them into Ottawa for you next week.… Continue reading Not the FoF Mothers’ Day Sale

Seed Sale

Half Price Seed Sale It is not too late to order native seeds for those species that require no cold pretreatment. These seeds are often tiny things that we sow on the surface of a pot of seed-sedstarting mix and give moisture and warmth. Many species in the Pea Family germinate well with hot water… Continue reading Seed Sale