May I Introduce: Downy Skullcap

Downy Skullcap, Scutellaria incana

While active outdoor gardening is on pause, this is a good time to introduce some wildflowers which may not be known to most gardeners in the Ottawa area. These flowers may be unfamiliar because they are not native to the the Ottawa Valley, but hail from further south in the USA, as does today’s species,… Continue reading May I Introduce: Downy Skullcap

Tucked in for the Winter

The plants in the hoop house are all tucked in for the winter, under floating row covers. What a visual difference from a couple of weeks ago! Freezing weather came early and fast this year. I was going to get a few more boxes of pine needles to add to the mulch around shrubs, but… Continue reading Tucked in for the Winter

Late Colour in the Hoop House

On a dreary November day, with the golden tamaracks providing the only colour in the landscape, the interior of the hoop house is only a couple of degrees warmer (still quite chilly) but colourful fall leaves still linger. The brightest colour comes from the leaves of Wild Geranium. I like the green and red carpet of… Continue reading Late Colour in the Hoop House