Ditch Stonecrop

Ditch Stonecrop

Botanical Name: Penthorum sedoides

Bloom: Summer, but the pink seed pods late in the season are the thing.

Height: 60 cm

Growing Conditions: Damp soil, light shade. Spreads by stolons in loose damp soil. Can tolerate shallow standing water. Will thrive in full sun if soil is moist enough. Does not tolerate drought. Plants want to move about and will die out if kept in a pot for more than 2 years. Divide and repot to keep going or plant in a natural pond edge or other damp spot and let it move about.

Ottawa Valley or Eastern Ontario seed source: Yes

Wildlife benefits:

Seeds: Seed is tiny but easy. Germination Code: C(60) + D. Seeds are tiny and require light to germinate. Surface sow as thinly as you can on a pot of seed-starting mix, spritz gently with water to settle seeds in a film of water on top of the soil, put pot into a Ziplock freezer baggie, and keep in the refrigerator (or outdoors under the snow) for 60 days. Bring into a warm, well-lit place. Be sure to remove from baggie if pot is in the sun, because you do not want to cook your seedlings.

Remarks: Bright colour late in the season is welcome.


See other plants for wetland areas.

The modest, mid-summer flowers of Ditch Stonecrop, photographed in Shaw Woods, Renfrew Co.

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