Pontiac Gardens and Gifts Tour

Saturday, August 5th and Sunday August 6th

A self-guided garden tour featuring country gardens in West Quebec’s beautiful Pontiac Region. The focus is on organic vegetables, wild-life friendly designs, and native plants. Local artisans will sell their crafts, art, and books in the gardens. The chance to purchase nursery stock and seeds at some of the gardens adds to the appeal.

The only entrance fee is a voluntary donation to the Canadian Wildlife Federation (envelopes will be available).


You may start your tour at any of the gardens. Maps and clear directions are available at the Tour’s website: gardensandgifts.blogspot.ca. Or download a PDF of the Gardens and Gifts brochure here.

Beaux Arbres is one of the gardens on the tour. We will, of course, have nursery stock for sale. We will also be showcasing garden sculpture by talented Pontiac artists and selling hand-crafted baskets and other garden-related crafts.

Backyard Habitat Certification

A representative of the Canadian Wildlife Federation will be at Beaux Arbres during the garden tour to promote the CWF’s garden certification programme. You can learn how your garden can help sustain populations of native bees, butterflies, and songbirds with real-life examples of wildlife-friendly practices demonstrated at Beaux Arbres and the other gardens on the tour.

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