Gray Goldenrod

Gray Goldenrod in old field

Botanical Name: Solidago nemoralis

Height: about 30 cm

Bloom Time: Late August and September

Growing Conditions: Full sun; dry, infertile soil. Plant is a low, unassuming rosette before it sends out its late summer flower stalk. Spreads gently.

Wildlife Benefits: All late-blooming goldenrods are of enormous importance for feeding many pollinators. This is what Illinois Wildflowers has to say about Faunal Associations for Gray Goldenrod

Origin: Seed is collected in the Ottawa Valley

Seed: Germination Code: C(60) + D — surface sow small seeds then give 60 days cold, moist stratification.

Remarks: An attractive and unthreatening little goldenrod for the front of a border, especially if you have dry soil. A common inhabitant of old fields in sandy areas in this part of the world. The inflorescence of Gray Goldenrod is upright, with a distinguishing curve to one side at the tip.

Similar species: Blue-stemmed Goldenrod

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