Botanical Name: Ptelea trifoliata

Height: Tree-like multi-stemmed shrub to about 3 m

Season of bloom: June

Growing Conditions: Sun to part shade; ordinary soil. Drought-tolerant when well established. Plant does not sucker.

Wildlife benefits: Host plant for caterpillars of the Giant Swallowtail, Canada’s largest butterfly.

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources: No. Native range in Canada is restricted to the north shore of Lake Erie. It is hardy in gardens in the Ottawa area. The locally native host plant for Giant Swallowtails is Prickly Ash, an interesting plant, whose thorny, suckering habit is challenging to use in most gardens.

Remarks: Flowers are fragrant, reminiscent of orange blossoms, although some folks find the fragrance unpleasant close-up.

Similar species: Bladdernut

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