Pink Turtlehead

Pink Turtlehead

Botanical Name: Chelone lyonii

Height: about 80 cm

Season of bloom: Late summer

Growing Conditions: Sun to part shade. Moist soil.

Wildlife benefits: The eggs of Baltimore Checkerspot Butterflies are laid only on White Turtlehead, and the youngest caterpillars eat only White Turtlehead. They overwinter a a third instar caterpillar. The following spring, the older caterpillars will eat White Turtlehead, Pink Turtlehead and some related plants such as Hairy Beardtongue.

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources: No. From eastern US.

Remarks: Showier in gardens than the native White Turtlehead. Grow both!

Similar species: White Turtlehead


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