Prairie Alumroot

Prairie Alumroot

Botanical Name: Heuchera richardsonii

Height: about 60 cm

Season of bloom: Late spring to early summer.

Growing Conditions: Sun or light shade. Ordinary well-drained garden soil

Wildlife benefits: Small flowers are modest to our eyes but they are much visited by small native bees.

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources: This Heuchera is native to south-western Ontario but our seed is garden sourced of unknown provenance.

Seeds: Seeds are very tiny and require light to germinate. Germination Code: C(30) + D. Surface sow as thinly as you can on a pot of seed-starting mix, spritz gently with water to settle seeds in a film of water on top of the soil, put pot into a Ziplock freezer baggie, and keep in the refrigerator for 30 days. Bring into a warm, well-lit place. Be sure to remove from baggie if pot is in the sun, because you do not want to cook your seedlings. Seedlings are tiny but quite sturdy. Prick out to individual pots when they are big enough to handle, which may not be until mid-summer or later.

Remarks: Dense foliage useful for edging. Hairy leaves and drought-tolerance distinguish this species from other eastern Alumroots.

Similar species: American Alumroot, Maple-leaved Alumroot

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