Swamp Pink

Botanical Name: Helonias bullata

Height: about 40 cm

Season of bloom: Early spring.

Growing Conditions: Full sun to light shade. Organic soil that is reliably wet but not flooded.  Water should never cover basal rosette. The New England Wildflower Society considers Swamp Pink hardy to USDA Zone 5, so it might not survive an exceptionally harsh winter in Ottawa.

Wildlife benefits: Pollinated by early bees and small flies.

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources: No. Plant is restricted to the eastern seaboard of the US where it is endangered throughout its range, due to habitat disturbance and poaching. Our seed came from the North American Rock Garden Society Seed exchange.

Remarks: A very special plant for edge of a constructed pond, a spring or a seepage slope, or other site with consistent moisture. Showy and wonderfully fragrant.

Similar species:

Availability: Not available Spring 2020. We lost most of our young plants through the harsh winter of 2019. The 5 that made it through are looking good (April 2020) but have not yet flowered. It will be some time before we have stock for sale of this beauty.

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