Virginia Waterleaf

Virginia Waterleaf

Botanical Name: Hydrophyllum virginianum

Height: about 25 cm

Season of bloom: Spring

Growing Conditions: Light shade. This is a woodland plant which seems to prefer clay soils but it can be grown in sandy soils if not too dry. In dry summers, leaves may look tattered; cut back for fresh new growth in fall. Where happy, this plant is a fine ground cover under trees and shrubs.

Wildlife benefits: Flowers are rather modest to out eyes but they are constantly a-hum with all manner of wild bees.

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources: No. Originally from Central Ontario

Remarks: New growth in spring is beautifully spotted with silver. Alas, the spots fade with warm weather.

Similar species:

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A particularly nice coloured flower – most Virginia Waterleaf flowers are paler.
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