Virginia Mountain Mint

Virginia Mountain Mint

Botanical Name: Pycnanthemum virginianum

Height: about 50 cm

Season of bloom: August

Growing Conditions: Full sun to part sun. Not fussy as to soil.

Wildlife benefits: Flowers are excellent nectar source for native bees, honey bees, and other pollinators. Foliage is somewhat resistant to deer.

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources:  My plants were grown from seed originally from southern Ontario.

Seeds: Germination Code: A + D. Tiny seed does not need any pre-treatment but does need light to germinate. Surface sow. Seedlings start very small but make good growth and are resilient.

Remarks: Does not spread widely in the manner of garden mint, but does expand densely. Plant beside taller or equally assertive neighbours. Foliage is delightfully scented – very minty with shades of something akin to Oregano. The leaves can be steeped to create an herbal tea.

Similar species: Slender Mountain Mint.

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