Arctic Roseroot

orpin rose
Arctic Roseroot Rhodiola rosea in hypertufa trough in the garden at Beaux Arbres

Botanical Name: Rhodiola rosea

Height: about 15 cm

Season of bloom: Spring. Plants are either male or female and the blooms appear at slightly different times (which is weird).

Growing Conditions: Full sun. Rock gardens and troughs. Drought tolerant when established but the plants bloom best with abundant spring moisture.

Wildlife benefits:

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources: No. A circumboreal Arctic species which adapts to more southern gardens.

Seeds: Germination Code: A + cool. Seeds do not require any special pretreatment but germinate best in cool soil temperatures (about 10 C).

Remarks: The roots have an attractive floral fragrance.  The roots have been used as an herbal tea and, apparently, to flavour vodka.

Similar species: Rhodiolas were once included with the Sedums.

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