Blue Vervain

Blue Vervain

Botanical Name: Verbena hastata

Height: about 1.2 m,

Season of bloom: Mid summer.

Growing Conditions: Sun. Moist to wet soil.

Wildlife benefits: The flowers of Blue Vervain attract many kinds of bees, including  bumblebees, cuckoo bees, digger bees,  the specialized Verbena Bee (Calliopsis verbenae) and pollinating wasps, bee flies, and other insects.

From Ottawa Valley or eastern Ontario sources: Yes

Remarks: An elegant plant ideal for cottage shorelines.

Similar species: Hoary Vervain

This tall, fast-growing plant resents being in a pot. As it comes easily from seed, we recommend starting this one from seeds. (For information on Seedy Saturdays, see Events.) For information on availability or to return to the list of plants, please click Plants

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Verbena hast


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