Siskiyou Bitterroot

Siskyou Bitterroot

Botanical Name: Lewisia cotyledon

Height: 15 cm

Bloom time: Early spring, and repeats in summer, and sometimes again in early fall.

Growing Conditions: Needs protection from winter wet and extreme winter cold. A lovely plant for a container that can be moved into a cold sunroom or hoop house for the winter. Ensure sharp drainage.

Origin: My seed was from mixed garden sources. Plants occur in the wild in the mountains of Washington State.

Remarks: Not at all native to the Ottawa Valley, indeed, not even reliably hardy, but a gem for rock plant enthusiasts. It might overwinter outside in a protected place but when we have tried, the succulent evergreen rosettes were devoured by voles. This is considered the easiest of the Lewisias for gardens in the east, as it does not go dormant in the summer.

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