Making a Wildflower Meadow

Grey-headed Coneflower and Wild Bergamot in the garden at Beaux Arbres

 on Monday, October 23rd, 7:30 pm

Making a Wildflower Meadow

a talk and slide show by

Trish Murphy

for  the Gatineau Valley Gardeners

St Mary’s Magdalene Church, 537 Highway 105 (across from the Freshmart) in Chelsea, Quebec. All are welcome.

A meadow is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a native plant community which supports wild pollinators, butterflies and other wildlife. Trish will explain how she made three meadow-like gardens at Beaux Arbres and highlight some of the beautiful native grasses and flowers for sunny meadow areas.


Categorized as Nursery

By Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens

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