A Small Step towards Spring

For the past few years, our very first Spring outing has been a vendor table at the Ontario Horticultural Association District 2 AGM. This year, the AGM was hosted by the Pembroke Horticultural Association last Saturday, April 12th.

The date was early this year and the spring weather has been miserable. We do not have a heated greenhouse so we did not have much available.

Some Shooting Stars (Dodecatheon meadia) were showing strong new growth and some of the experienced gardeners at the AGM were willing to take a chance. We will be bringing more Shooting Stars to the Rare and Unusual Plant Sale on Mothers’ Day. They may be in bloom then.

A Shooting Star in bloom in the Alpine Garden at the Montreal Botanical Garden.
Categorized as Nursery

By Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens

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