Gift Certificates

Gift Certiicates

Gardeners love plants. There is nothing a gardener loves receiving more than plants. Of course, when the snow is deep and the ground is frozen, outdoor garden plants are dormant, waiting for spring.

Beaux Arbres Native Plants Gift Certificates.

Our Gift Certificates can be applied to purchases at the farm, at Plant Sale events such as the Friends of the Farm sale, and to pre-paid orders being delivered to Ottawa pick-up points. They don’t expire and they don’t need to be used all at once. Available in any denomination.

I am sure, in this day and age of electronic everything, there are virtual Gift Certificates. However, our Gift Certificates are actual old-fashioned pieces of paper, numbered and signed. Be sure to allow us enough time send them to you in the post. Message us to order a Gift Certificate — fill out the form below and click the Contact Us button. (The farm closes for the winter season and the farm phone number also hibernates.)

Support local business. Buy local this holiday season.

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By Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens

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