New Availability List & Pausing Deliveries

Tall Sunflower at Beaux Arbres

I have a new Availability List to download. The demand for native plants has been so great this spring, that many, many species are temporarily out of stock. For many species, plants seeded this year will soon start to be available. However, some of the slower growing woodland plants are not available until next year.

Newly available are: Tall Sunflower (one of my all-time favourites – pictured above), Tall Meadow-rue, and Golden Ragwort.

We had been hoping to be part of the Fletcher Wildlife Garden Sale. However, this year they are doing the sale entirely on-line, with prepaid orders, and they are spreading the pick-ups out over several weekends, to avoid crowding. Under the circumstances, it doesn’t make sense to add ourselves to the process. We are already doing on-line prepaid orders.

We have decide to pause on deliveries for a couple of weeks. Rather than bringing in partial orders, it seems a better use of my time to stay on the farm and build up stock again.

Please remember that adding native plants to your garden is a process that can go on all season. As long as you can bring a hose to the plants, or get a bucket of water from the lake, planting potted nursery stock can be done all summer. Some great heat-loving, summer-flowering natives are very slow to get going in the spring, and some just hate overwintering in pots, so the only time they are available for sale is in the summer. Keep revisiting the web site for updated Availability.

By Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens


  1. Hi Trish
    I bought a Thistle from you a couple of years ago! It’s huge, 3ft., tall now. The lettering has faded on the name plate, and I’m wondering if you could advise me what Thistle would it be please?
    Bev Lethbridge


  2. Hi, I purchased these seeds from you ….Foxglove Beardtongue (Pestemon digitalis) 2 years ago, I started 6 along the house, north side, with a lot of sun in the morning, first year they grew half the size and never flowered, but was still a beautifull plant and this year they are fully grown and in full bloom. Lovely.

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