Goldthread flowers

Botanical Name: Coptis trifolia, syn. Coptis groenlandica

Height: less than 10 cm.

Bloom Time: Mid-spring. Blooms do not last long.

Growing Conditions: Cool, organic, acidic soil. In the headwater swamps just north of our farm, I have seen this growing on damp, well-rotted stumps in part sun. In most situations, this species grows in shade.

Ottawa Valley or Eastern Ontario seed sources: Yes.

Wildlife Benefits:

Remarks: I love the shiny evergreen leaves of this little cutie, but its insistence on cool, all-organic growing conditions limit its use in city gardens. Perhaps consider a specially prepared bed, built to showcase species of the woodland floor, and filled with a peat and rotted pine needle based medium. Companions might include Creeping Snowberry, Wood Sorrel, Bunchberry, and Starflower.

Similar species: Barren Strawberry


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