Woodland Garden

The woodland garden on the east side of the house, started in the summer of 2016, is the newest demonstration garden at Beaux Abres. We are still adding paths and new species to the garden. The faster maturing species planted last year, species such as wood poppy and blue-stemmed goldenrod, will be blooming this summer.

Species in the Woodland Garden

  • Blue-stemmed Goldenrod
  • Rosy Twisted Stalk
  • Tassel-rue
  • Wild Ginger
  • Maple-leaved Alumroot
  • Foxglove Beardtongue
  • White Trillium
  • Allegheny Fringe
  • Bowman’s Root
  • Red Baneberry
  • American Fly Honeysuckle
  • Red Elder
  • American Spikenard
  • Thimbleweed
  • Downy Yellow Violet
  • Bottlebrush Grass
  • Wood Fern
  • Bee Balm
  • Cardinal Flower


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