Stiff Goldenrod

Botanical Name: Solidago rigida Aka Oligoneuron rigidum

Height: about 1 m

Bloom time: Late August into September

Growing Condition: Sun. Dry, well-drained soil – ours are doing fine in unimproved sand. Might be floppy in too rich soil.

Wildlife benefits: All the late blooming goldenrods are of enormous importance to pollinators. Read what Illinois Wildflowers says about Faunal Associations.

Origins: Species is native to Ontario. My seed is of garden provenance.

Seeds: Germination Code: C(60) + D. Surface sow seeds and give 60 days cold, moist stratification.

Remarks: Clump-forming, forming offsets with time. Easy. A handsome plant for the middle or back of a border. Flower clusters are shallow domes, not flat, and plants are taller than Ohio Goldenrod, and more drought tolerant.

Similar species: Ohio Goldenrod.

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