Plant Availability June 1

Siskyou Bitterroot

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I have run out of Golden Alexanders and Anise-hyssop but plants from this year’s seeding will be available later in the summer. I am also out of Ohio Goldenrod. Many customers asked have asked me for Stiff Goldenrod so last year I seeded Stiff Goldenrod, which is a reasonable substitute for Ohio Goldenrod. Wild Columbine is not on this week’s list. The really hot weather last week brought on the little green caterpillars which defoliate Wild Columbine. The plants which recover, and many of them do, will be back on the list in the fall. Losing some of the Columbines is just one of the rigours of growing nursery plants without using pesticides.

By Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens


  1. Hi Trish
    Here is my request!
    1 of each of you have these please!
    Wild Lupin
    Great St Johns Wort
    Common Blustar
    Swamp Thistle
    Cup Plant
    And the Whorled MW!
    Please let me know total and I will bring cash!
    Please let me know where and when the time comes for pickup!


  2. Hi Trish, here is my list! Sweet grass 5 plants and one each of the following:
    creeping snowberry
    common wood sorrel
    birds eye primrose
    arctic roseroot
    giant purple hyssop
    swamp milkweed


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