Plant Availability June 15th


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We are coming in to Ottawa with prepaid orders on Saturday, June 20th, In the early afternoon, between 1 and 3, we will be at a private driveway in Vanier. Later in the afternoon, between 4 and 6 pm we will be in our usual venue in Britannia. Please send me a message via our contact page if you would like to order.

This year has been … different. One of the things that I have noticed is that when folks order from the web site, they do so very thoughtfully, reading up on the species, selecting carefully for desired qualities, like butterfly host plants or late-season bloom. WHICH IS GREAT!!! The thing is, for the last few years, we have been bringing plants to spring sales and farmers’ markets, where many folks impulse buy whatever is in bloom that moment. So, I had responded by upping the numbers of things like Shooting Stars and Bird’s Eye Primroses, and not growing as many pots of really, really good things like Ironweed, which aren’t doing much during the spring sale rush.

Recently, we have had some customers come to the farm, with thoughtful lists in hand, and buy up great palettes of meadow flowers. And the result is, I am either all out, or very nearly all out, of such stalwart meadow / pollinator plants as Spike Blazing Star, Wild Bergamot, Sneezeweed and Boneset. Which is a silly position for a native plant grower to be in. Many of these will be available again, in smaller sizes, later in the summer.

For this list, Wild Senna and Downy Skullcap, both very late to emerge, are finally in growth. I also have seedlings of both Field and Swamp Thistle, two fine native thistles that are great nectar sources for butterflies.

Still to come are some heat-loving plants such as Whorled Milkweed and Poke. I also have seedling Ozark Sundrops, Downy Woodmint, and Prairie Baby’s Breath coming along.

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By Trish Murphy

Artist: botanical, still life, and natural history illustration. Garden designer: native plants and naturalistic gardens

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